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2O                               LETTERS   FROM   THE

of the bronzes is curious.    Upon the whole it is
a delightful, costly vide bouteille.

It is a curious thing that, by a very lucky hit,
Matthieu Lansberg, the conjurer, almanac-maker
of Liege, foretold Madame du Barri's fate, under
the month of May, 1774. He said : " Une grande
favorite jouera son dernier role." The almanac at
the preceding Christmas was denied a license on
that account and was obliged to be altered before
its sale was authorised at Paris. Louis Quinze
died May loth, and Madame du Barri was sent
about her business.

6th. Dined at the Val; Mesdames de Bois-
gelin and d'Usson, the Princess de Poix, &c
All at Court are in a bustle because the parlia-
ment of Paris will not hear of new taxes till the
King lays before them a state of his debts and
expenses, that they may be convinced of the
necessity of fresh impositions. Calonne, who has
fled to Rotterdam, has written to the King that
he is gone off to have liberty to prepare for his
defence, as the Archbishop of Toulouse is doing
all he can to deprive him of the means of justi-
fying himself.

igth. At the Chambre des Comptes the
other day, where the Count d'Artois went to en-
register by force the edit du timbre et de Pimpot